Lets Play A Game.

Let me place a couple disclaimers  before i get started. This blog is meant as a casual look behind the scenes for our companies website , http://www.ourinitiative.org    ( under construction at the moment) , in attempt to provide a more accurate and insightful one on one talk and interaction kind of feel to these posts there will not be a heavy focus here on proper/corporate punctuation, grammar, or formatting. What is on my mind is what will be struck by my keyboard into existence, nothing more.

We have been a little silent lately but rest assured, that is only because we have been locked down into our think tanks plotting and…..thinking… i guess that’s why they name it that… Moving on! Lately we had the opportunity to volunteer and help out at the American Cancer Societys table at Cincy Comicon and it was a blast!. We had a great time running Magic the gathering demos, Warhammer 40k demos, We had a bunch of board games we was teaching people how to play. On top of all that fun.. we had a TONY MOORE signed The Walking Dead figure to raffle away raising some money for a great cause.


Since we have seen the potential for a major card tournament to be held in the Cincinnati area we thought…why dont we do it.. SO WE SHALL, Announcing the 2014 Initiative Tournament! more details are incoming but for a brief rundown of the event head on over to : http://cincycag.forumotion.com/t5382-2014-magic-tournament-sept-14#38284
Updates will be posted in both places both on Cincinnati Arsenal Gamings forum as well as here before your eyes if you would like to stay on top of the updates dont forget to follow our twitter @unresults as every time a post is made here we throw a link to the post up over there.

Until next time kiddies. Keep the passion. Keep the Initiative.