All is delicious in war and cupcakes 7/18/2013-Eastside Games n Cards

Let me place a couple disclaimers  before i get started. This blog is meant as a casual look behind the scenes for our companies website ,    ( under construction at the moment) , in attempt to provide a more accurate and insightful one on one talk and interaction kind of feel to these posts there will not be a heavy focus here on proper/corporate punctuation, grammar, or formatting. What is on my mind is what will be struck by my keyboard into existence, nothing more.

Howdy folks just a quick one today. I am holding cupcake wars at a local card shop and it just entered into my mind to invite you guys to come out and meet up with the madness behind the brains…brains behind the madness?.. no i think the first is more accurate..anyway back to the subject… cupcake wars!! a night of some card gaming and cupcakes made by yours truly. I would really love to meet some of you who read up on our development. For those unfamiliar with magic the card game we can more than easily accommodate you and teach you everything you need to know the cost is 5 collars a round, consisting of 5 games with the provided booster packs or if you stay for all 5 rounds you get 5 bucks off then get to compete for some prizes, building a deck using all of your cards from all five rounds. You keep your cards and you get cupcakes.. what else is there to know!! if you would like to just come out for some cupcakes and learn a little about the game that’s groovy too..just RSVP so i know how many cupcakes i have to be baking in preparation.

Here is the link to RSVP again the cost is $5.00 a round or all 5 rounds for $20.00 or jsut stop in for some cupcakes thats groovy too just let me know so we dont run short: in case you missed the title this all goes down at Eastside Games n Cards in Milford,Greater Cincinnati

We will get running about 7 pm so if you find your thursday night open this next week  by all means come by and grab some cupcakes and play a game of cards with us!


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