Milford Relay for Life

Let me place a couple disclaimers  before i get started. This blog is meant as a casual look behind the scenes for our companies website ,    ( under construction at the moment) , in attempt to provide a more accurate and insightful one on one talk and interaction kind of feel to these posts there will not be a heavy focus here on proper/corporate punctuation, grammar, or formatting. What is on my mind is what will be struck by my keyboard into existence, nothing more.

I am still sore as I write this, However i had the pleasure to spend this past Saturday  with Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming out at the Milford High School for Relay for Life. What a great time and what a great group of guys. I decided to attend after  going over my previous entries on here where i said i would  test the waters and get out there a bit. Even if my plans personally stalled a bit with the Initiative Conference that’s no reason to stop making a difference in the world. The event was a big success raising  some $20,000 for cancer research. That got me thinking.

As indiscriminate as cancer is…. taking people regardless of their color , religion, occupation, gender, age….something like this, supporting cancer research can be seen not just as an extremely worthy cause  in need of our support.. but in a very real way it is an investment in our own future. cancer is so prevalent that we all have been touched, in some way, by it. Whether you are a survivor, a caregiver… known someone in your family who has had to deal with the disease.. whatever your exposure has been we all know  just how deeply it reaches into us. Supporting cancer research is by very definition fighting against the disease.. who knows what discoveries will be made in 20-30 years from now but one thing is clear. It all started with Initiative. It all started with the drive and fighting spirit that said ,”no.. i wont wait until it happens to me to find out what can be done about it”. I will fight… here and now while my body, mind, and soul are strong and i will stand with those suffering until we figure this out. I guess that’s the good thing about cancer… its organic..and like everything else in this universe it has its weaknesses and opposites. And that should give everyone hope because it is not a matter of if… it’s a matter of when.. when will we find something.

The relay was a blast. My team, Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming, raised just under a grand for the event  adding together the personal donations and the gaming demos we did.. we did a magic card booster draft that was fun, warhammer demos, raffled off some board games( myself walking away with 2 of them  Lord of The Rings Clixx Nazgul game and a trivia style Beat The Experts game). I think over all i was around 27 laps for the event, standard high school quarter-mile track makes that just under 7 miles.. not my best but it would help if i had gotten sleep before the all night event. It was our teams first year there but that did not stop us from having some serious fun in the games.. between the pie eating contest..the frozen t-shirt contest… the blind auction…the scavenger hunt. While we gamers may play to win, we knew what was really important.. some friendly competition is great.. but if you start taking losing personally,seriously your entire integrity for being at the event is shot.. because number one.and the ONLY reason we was there was to raise money for cancer research..everything else was just fun and games that wouldn’t matter past the end of the event. During the blind auction i managed to grab one of the good prizes as well, a 20 dollar gift card to, one of my friends was VERY happy to have received that… as well i grabbed one of the gaggy bags, full of mini whoopie cushions. blind auctions are always fun.

Only thing i wonder about now is how much better the event would have been if the skies wouldn’t have looked like they would tear open and down pour at anytime. it was a decent turn out  but i imagine it would have been even better with  bright blue skies in the forecast. It never did rain.. a couple of times it teased us..just barely sprinkling for a minute or so.. and then later in the night when it picked up the tiniest bit like it was seriously ramping up to start raining.. but it never did. We never got more than that teasing sprinkle.

If there’s anyone out there who was thinking about doing a relay or who doesn’t know of the relay.. i would highly recommend it.. it’s some great food for the soul. I personally plan on returning next year with my team if they are willing to come back and i have a few of my own ideas  for some stuff we could do. But that would be spoilers.. head on over to check out to find an  event and team close to you. If you are in the Cincinnati area and don’t know anyone you can do it with, send me a message, ill do it with you. I would jump at the chance to do it again. On that invitation and note I’m going to  rest these knees some more,consider yourselves caught up kiddies! Good Morning.


3 thoughts on “Milford Relay for Life

    • the answer to that is simple.. when i was younger i hurt myself enough trying to practice with one, if you hit yourself so much you learn not to move and let your wrist dictate where the whip will go.. think about it like jump rope as a kid..when you found out you could shake the rope up and down and the wave would follow through the length of the rope without much effort, let the whip move.. but not you your arm gets it going then your wrist can change the direction easy causing it to crack, work on trying to do large figure 8’s just getting the whip to flow smoothly through it.. then you can use your wrist to suddenly pull in a different direction and it should crack loudly easily, one thing to keep in mind though.. keep the direction you try to crack it in an X formation.. if your body is standing up against the X, if that helps you visualize it, cracking in one of the four points will keep the follow through away from your body..and it will be less painful that way trust me

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