And here…we….go…

Let me place a couple disclaimers  before i get started. This blog is meant as a casual look behind the scenes for our companies website , , in attempt to provide a more accurate and insightful one on one talk and interaction kind of feel to these posts there will not be a heavy focus here on proper/corporate punctuation, grammar, or formatting. What is on my mind is what will be struck by my keyboard into existence, nothing more.

Something just interests me about  titling blog posts after a movie qoute. In any case my little brain has been buzzing. I know i am coming in a little late on my time frame since i told you id work hard at having something posted by mid january and it is now officially February. This stuff isnt easy! no joke it is really not. Do not get discouraged though because i have not forgotten about my pledge and i am here to announce my next step.

V.O.I.,Voice Of Initiative Conference

In April Unexpected Results Initiative will host a town hall style meeting. In this meeting we will field questions, present a 5 year business plan, and all around discuss the  current health and practices in the non profit industry as it stands today and where we see it going in the future. What is the best way to find out what people want? Ask them. And that is exactly what we plan to do. We are also expecting a panel of 5 of Cincinnatis non profit leaders and personalities.

It is very exciting to get the ball rolling. More details are to come, such as  the exact location that is kind of an important detail,but for now the “save the date” is for Monday april 8th. Come meet U.R.I. and make your voice heard. Tell your friends and lets make an evening out of it. One thing that would GREATLY help the process along is if those interested went to our website and bought their ticket early so we can get an accurate headcount and know how much room we will need. A modest “ticket” price of 5 dollars is set to simply offset the upfront cost of renting the space and equipment needed. And because we might be in a space that doesn’t allow for more people than expected,tickets at the door might not be available.

For tickets check our website at and hit the Events tab at the top of the page

An update with more info is coming soon, don’t miss it!


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