U.R.I. prelaunch thoughts

A Few Opening Words

Let me place a couple disclaimers  before i get started. This blog is meant as a casual look behind the scenes for our companies website , http://www.ourinitiative.org , in attempt to provide a more accurate and insightful one on one talk and interaction kind of feel to these posts there will not be a heavy focus here on proper/corporate punctuation, grammar, or formatting. What is on my mind is what will be struck by my keyboard into existence, nothing more.

Welcome to our little corner of this big world. This post is the first official post of  U.R.I., better known as  Unexpected Results Initiative! Before we get started lets address a few of the most common questions I have received regarding U.R.I. and how we operate. Put simply we are an events planning  company. We may start with an idea of a certain kind of event we want to have or a partnered charity might have their own ideas, or frankly  a great and timely suggestion just might come from someone who  decided to share their ideas with us. No matter where the concept starts, one big and important constant in our process is that our focus is to raise money for good causes. We are looking forward to establishing a full calendar that could include contests, concerts, live stream events, sponsorship drives, and anything else possible.

Driving us forward is our need to participate. We love creating events that the encourages and builds community. We both embrace and are trying to be a part of  the new trend in non profits. Gone are the days of  all the guilt tripping and trying to poke a person with a stick  and asking them why they haven’t supported you yet and if they don’t want to then why not. The new trend is delivering events and material RELEVANT to those you are interacting with.Key word is  Interacting, putting a plate in someones face and demanding money ” or else (what a horrible person you are)”  is intimidation and bullying. It does not take a rocket scientist to see just why this approach is so much better, so much more fruitful for the same efforts. People do not want to be guilt tripped into doing the right thing. There are so many noble causes where does one even begin? Between  save the whales  and save the Ozone-scratch that -from ALL the non profits listed A-Z, there are literally hundreds of thousands good causes seeking your thirty dollars a month, or whatever the solicitation may be. So truly, where do you begin? That answer is more simple than you think. You doing begin anywhere. Do you wake up in the morning and wonder where to begin breathing? No you do not. You simply breathe and incorporate it  into your life,hopefully, as much as nature will allow. Asking where to begin in the world of non profits instantly puts you on an eternal loop within a loop. That is what our company wants to address. We want to create  events that you want to come out to ANYWAY. The average person will say they they don’t have 30 seconds to sit and watch a commercial and consider someones plight, to then  go out to some kind of concert or theater event. Why challenge this dynamic? It is after all unpleasant to sit and watch  the deplorable conditions some children and animals have to live in. In fact we encourage you NOT to  make time for that. You are a smart person, you know there’s work that needs to be done. You know there’s wrongs that need righting and there’s people who have fallen through the cracks in our system and might need someone to hold out a hand for them to pull themselves up with. We do that work. We evaluate and partner with charities who depend on such fundraisers to continue their operations. From there the rest is history. You have a great time. The charity gets the money they need to continue improving our communities,and the world is a bit brighter place.

This blog will be updated as relevant news/thoughts becomes available.It is not intended to be a daily or even weekly forum. So as we get ready for our formal launch and prepare a 2013 calender of events full of potential, i guess my first lingering thought,ontop of a lingering excited anxiety…It is wrong to assume that one must feel guilt to do a good thing. The act is tainted with the whole ” right thing for the wrong reason ” vibe…and i jsut want to do my part  to show people they can do the right thing..and actually feel good about doing it.


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